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Welcome to the official Hussein Laboratory website. We lead the industry in cleaning up pink stained to black dyed coins. Our main line of products and services serve the financial industry as a whole, where our main clients are banks and individual company humanitarian organizations and parties are also welcome. we are one of south africa's premier automatic ssd solution, vectrol glue, universal ttz solution, zuta s4, castrox oxide hq45, ssd pk 58 solution distributor and manufacturer solution ssd as a whole is the best on chemicals in the market for cleaning up the fight against ticket breeze, disfigured currency marked notes and tastes. You will be amazed at the power and speed of this chemical which is capable of cleaning notes / coins with breeze ability. We stock limited ssd solution to clean the anti-ticket breeze, or "black money". If you have the 'Black Money' and the cleaning solution has clotted or done a bad job over time, we can offer the replacement at a reasonable cost. Automatic ssd solution for cleaning disfigured banknotes Antifreeze. For all that you must contact us Laboratoire de Chimie SA Hussein
Univers al ssd solution We Vectrol Paw, Hussein is a laboratory based in Switzerland in Morocco and Johannesburg, South Africa, which specializes in anti-wind bank chemistry are notes. smelting and chemical recovery, currency / test scores and analysis. Dr Hussein VIA WHATSAPP FOR MORE SAFE 00212681187606 We are a company which has subsidiaries in Africa and Europe Asia America and Malaysia, listen to all your problems in these areas we make sure we get in touch as quickly as possible for the quick resolution of your problems regarding green, blue; red, brown, or black or speckled black and blue or worm banknotes:
for more information please contact us at the numbers
contact: VIA WHATSAPP FOR MORE SECUITE 00212681187606

100 000 FCFA

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